Sunday, November 20

Weekend drama

This weekend definitely a crazy one for me.

We were busy helping my aunt clean her new house and we had to find furniture for it and stuff for the house. I had fun doing it with them but the un-fun one is Dania were being an absolutely terrible two! definitely has cross my patient boundaries if i may say. she will cry and cry and cry only. if there'a one thing that she want that you can't say 'yes' she will start crying which really is not my favorite sound now! even going to the shop i have to carry her the whole time!

Until i have to ask my hubby to take care of her for awhile because i was way too tired already with all the chaos. i need some me time for awhile so that i can do anything easily.

So today i had a good afternoon nap since the weather was so perfect for a nap. i had the bed and the pillow all by myself together with the ipod ^^ so now i am feeling a lil energetic already and ready for baking! Yayy!!

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✿ Mitchell ✿ said...

Sana Sabah mula sudah kan musim taufan.. Sini kl mo mula suda musim pns ne.. Sya rasa tpindah suda p situ