Monday, May 7

Its in the gene

On March Dania went to the hospital twice, at night and early morning.

This is the thing that i was soooo afraid since Dania was still in my womb. i'm afraid that if she will have the same sickness like me, like my grandfather, like my other cousins and like her papa. i'm talking about asthma!

I had it when i was in primary school but it was nothing worst actually, we just had to eat some medicine and not too much cold food/drink. as for Dania's situation it totally attack badly for me lah, coz you can hear her breathing sound and her chest and stomach was going up and down! and i was madly scared that night!

We went to the hospital and the doctor straightly ask the nurse to check Dania's oxygen, and i assume that it's not good so Dania had to wear the mask for this (i think) ventolin pump. Dania had this pump 3 times! the doctor almost register Dania to ward because he saw that her stomach was still going up and down, and that time i don't care whether she's going to the ward or whatever the doc said as long as Dania can breathe easily and her oxygen are getting better! lucky for us after the third pump she was ok. and at home she slept quite well actually. but then early morning i think the asthma came back which is worst than last night!

I did not think much and all i wanna do is get her to the hospital again! coz the doc reminded us last night that Dania must come back for pump if the asthma attack again. and that time hubby just came back from work. luckily the doc that manage Dania last night was there and he remembered us too. so yeah... straightly went for a pump at 7.30 am and we were there until 12 noon! can you imagine being there for hours with the hospital's aircond? it was crazy! so cold until i can't even feel my finger tips. seriously how on earth a patient can get better with that temperature? i have no idea at all! and mostly the asthma patient is toddler and baby. i know how other mothers feel with their kids there.

When we were in kk early April Dania went to clinic also because of her flu and there's a little sound of asthma. and that time i tried to think very very hard why on earth she get her asthma back again?! then i remembered 2days before Dania felt hard to breathe she and my cousin play bubble and Dania was the one who was blowing the bubble again and again and again! then i also remembered at keningau few days before the asthma attack she did play bubble also with her papa. so there you go, a person who have history of asthma couldn't blow too hard of anything even a balloon or blowing a bubble too much, apa lagi for a toddler kan. this is true because last time when i was still pregnant the doc tested me of blowing this thing, she said it was a preparation for me during labor later. she tested me because she knew that i have an asthma history. and i failed the test again and again!   

So yeah... that's our experience with this asthma thing. i hate it but i can't do anything about it because it's in our family's gene. how sad is that!

From now on i tried hard not to let Dania play bubble anymore, coz once she start she wont stop. not too much cold stuff and too much cold air (hard to excape in this matter).


Phoebe said...

Hi Anne,
I truly symphatize with what you and your child had to go through. It's heart breaking to see one's child having to go trough all that.

I have a family history of asthma too but thank goodness it has skipped my father and me. I hope it skips my daughter too.

Hope Dania (such a pretty name!) gets better from her asthma... ^^


☆彡Mitchell Cullen said...
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Anne B. said...

hi phoebe...

thanks for visiting my blog ;)
she's much better now....will visit ur blog soon k...

hi mitchell...

i will email u my blog k...