Saturday, May 19

When they talked about me...

They as in family members. i know this kind of thing is normal in a family.

But still i was angry because what they gossiping about me was not reasonable at all and i can't accept it!

Last month i was on holiday with my sister from kgau to kk then kk to kgau, back and forth bah. and my hubby could not join us because he can't get any off, so it was just me and Dania. so that's the problem they talked about! i refer 'they' as to my aunts.

As hub and wife before we even had Dania while we were still in Tawau i always going back to kk most of the time alone without hubby, because he can't get any off from his job. and that's just how we are, and not a big problem to us especially to hubby. Eventhough his heart was hard to let go but if he says yes then yes it is.

And moving to keningau i still going back to kk, sometimes it will be just me and Dania. Same reason like we were in Tawau. So my aunt here knowing that i always did that they started to talk about this nonsense! Nonsense like what they asked me last month 'c boy ok ka kau pigi kk ni?' so when i said 'yes, why?', they said 'sebab balik2 sudah kan jadi manatau di mulut c boy ok tapi dalam hati tidak, jadi mana bagus gitu'

I was quite shocked actually after hearing that! but i just ignore them. Then they talk about it again while i was on my way to kk. Heard this from my cousin. same issue, same question, same thoughts from their mouth! and there my cousin tried to tell them that my sister already asked my hubby permission about bringing me back to kk again and there's an agreement for that already (which my aunts don't even know) but still they ignored my cousin's explaination. how sad is that? that they still wants to think the negative way and didn't even want to listened the fact!

Just because their condition was not like ours doesn't mean that they can and want to make mine like their way of life! this is us hub and wife own way so please don't make our way like yours which totally not the same at all! i realized as they getting old this habit of talking about others private life become a habit to them which pissing me off big time.
They religiously do this and that but still they do the things that so disgusting! so there's no point actually.

Anyhoooo i do still talk to them as normal as ever and i never mention anything about what i heard because i don't want a conflict in a family. so let them be in their silly wrong way and me just being me don't care what other people might think. there's more important stuff to think about rather than thinking about them.


Julie M Gumpil said...

Hi.. Im blogwalking actually but reading this makes me want to comment a bit.. I understand the situation u that u are going tru.. and the worst thing is we have to keep quiet due to respect.. masuk kiri keluar kanan ja lah... Ok, hope u can visit my blog too k.. and may be follow?? tq...

beaty said...

Owh anne..Ah ur aunt is typical oh..biasa bh tu mcm 2..jeles mengkali.

I had the same to. Not my aunt but my BIL. He say.."kamu ni kalau bejalan kan bekepit saja ..inda pandai berpisah ni..ko tanya laki ko sama ada dia suka ka berkept ja.."

punya sakit hati sa..pandai dia ckp sedangkan dia pun inda tau apa2 pasal kami dua ni..

Anonymous said...

jeles ja tu cz laki drg x kasi drg p mn2 hahaha... sabar ko anne.. be strong n keep ur head high ;) - belle