Wednesday, May 2

Stories from weeks

There's been alot of things going on in our life this past few weeks or months since the last time i updated this blog. and as always i don't know where to begin.

On March i stayed in keningau until the end of the month i went back to Kk again coz Meibelle (my sister) and her hubby came back from Australia for a 2weeks hols.

Few days in kk then go back to keningau again for Family Day (games and a badminton tournament). and the whole family was there and it was hectic! we had sooooo much fun spending time together and winning some awesome prizes too. after spending 2 nights there i had to follow my sister back to kk spend time with her before she going back to Aust the next few days. went to an island, with Dania too and ofcourse shopping and awhole lot of food! such a short short time for me to enjoy my sister company actually, and both of us really misses each other already. it really sad!

As always Dania fell sick in kk. and yup visiting the clinic everytime we go to kk was actually a must already, which is quite annoying for me!

Dania's development nothing much actually, except for her after-well-from-sick attitude was driving me crazy. and i discovered her allergy and her new interest.

Also there's an issue about certain family members which not really stressing me out but it actually make me think about it every single day.

So in conclusion now i wanna try to find some time to update this blog and print out few photos from our holidays and event.


StellaClaire-Richard said...

yeah..u shud do that.. :)

Anonymous said...

tq for ur company anne!! :)