Friday, May 18

Pressure for no.2

Since Dania was born i didn't even think about getting a sibling for her. and last time when she was still a baby before she turned 1 years old whenever think about another baby i felt like awkwardness and straightly the word NO was on my mind. and my mind said "there's no other baby could replace dania in my life", because for me it will be so weird. i know i didn't make any sense at all! actually its not about replacing your first born to your second born bah kan, but that's just me, silly!

And when she turned 2 years old, sometimes my mind kept wondering whether i should get a no.2 or not. am i ready or not? can i handle two kids? and there's more few reason of mine too. My experience with Dania when she was a baby i am okay with it, but im talking about when she becoming a toddler, well that's the hardest part actually. so i said maybe not now.

Now Dania is almost 3 years old definitely so many people especially your family will ask when are you going to give her a little sister? and to be honest i don't like to be ask that question anymore. why? because those question kinda made me think deep about having a second one for days! and its bugging me out!

Seeing my other cousin pregnant (she will pop this early june) and recently my aunt she found out that she's pregnant (she's been trying to be pregnant for years already) and i am soooo happy for her... plus seeing this  beautiful celebrities in this baby blog looking all so cute and pretty with their cute belly, and some of their first child is not even 3 years old and they are pregnant already! so sometimes this kind of thing made me feel like i wanna  be like them too! it was a wonderful feeling and experience being pregnant. Taking care a small baby was such a fun time but in my mind how am i gonna do that together with Dania? Seeing my other friend in real life having a second baby even before their first one turned 2 years old was hard for me to consider about it.

Am i being such a negative person and not optimistic about this issue?

My sister still don't have a baby in their life and i keep telling her to have one. then she asked me this question "Give me some positive reason why i should have a baby in my life?" and to a shocked for me i couldn't answer her question! Geez! but its not that bad actually, she will have the cutest baby with her aussie hubby if she ever want one.

But right now my situation seriously made me think that no, i wont have a no.2, end of story. i don't mind having Dania only in my life. i know some of you might think that i am ridiculous and Dania will be a spoil brat while growing up. well if that's what gonna happen, well it will happen then. it's all up to us parents how you brought up your child.

One think that i strongly consider right now is precaution! LOL. hopefully i wont be too stress about having no.2 anymore.


AnnieMing said...

It took us almost 10 years to consider having the 2nd one. Haha! When Ashley was born, I felt a little regret for wasting so much time to get the 2nd one. Siok sudah bah bertiga saja.. Tapi apa pun it's up to the 'team' to decide when to have the next one. Nor not to have. Hee.. All the best to both you & hubby, Anne!

Anne B. said...

hi moi!

wahhh jauh jga gap drg oh kan....heheee besa la hubby mmg mau kan sa saja ni....;) thanks moi!

Anonymous said...

aaww itll be so cute to hv no.2..excited tu c dania. but of coz its up to u n hubby ;) - belle