Thursday, October 20

Grandma story

Since here in kk at my aunt place we've been busy going out, but today cuti dari jalan hehe, penat oh apa lagi when you have few kids following you. only a mothers know.

Actually i wanna talk about my grandma's attitude nowadays. i just felt kinda weird with her drastic change, well macam orang slalu cakap..."besalah budak-budak punya perangai" but this phrase referring to any kids kan but lau orang tu "besalah tu sudah tua kan makin macam budak-budak" haahahaa!! it's true lah.

This is something funny but very irritating to us. for some of my family member who is not always around with my grandmother memang sure wont get it. what did she do?

First of all she likes to complaint every single silly thing that she not satisfied kemahuan dia! sometimes she can be a pain in the ass bah! likes to use sarcasm again. ofcourse sometimes it is hurful but i have to set my mind that she's getting old.

Okay it's not that i don't like her ah, i love her, she's my mum's mom. but itulah her attitude bikin geram! hehee.

One thing that i learn about her is never ever tell her any big secret. she's not going to tell anybody lah, but once she know the story already been told to other people then she will start talking about it. and what's worse? she can twist the story! until other people will go and asked you questions that you think the answer is your own thing and your own decision and it's your own damn life!

Second of all ^^ kuat merajuk! adui... and at this point she definitely will use any sarcasm yang terlintas di hati fikiran dia. sometimes if dia tidak puas hati pasal something nah she will start acting weird. like talking to you in a rough way, answer your question dengan tidak ikhlas, and most of all marung lah tu muka! so whenever we see this kind of face or attitude we know there's something that she's not satisfied at all. irritating bah!

And lastly she likes to think negative at other people act! even at small kids, geramnya sa. she always tell other people what he/she did or say without knowing the right story. like accusing lah tu kan. she even wanna make the story become a big matter lagi tu. but for us who know her will just ignore what she said to us. sometimes we have to tell her firmly the truth if she start accusing.

I just wanna give an example lah here k hehehee :

the other day we went to parkson for a little shopping for the kids, and at the counter my stuff i just put together with my aunt's kan so later i pay her back. so after that i went for a seat while my aunt cuci mata lagi,so while waiting suddenly my grandma came to me and she said "inikah baju-baju dorang c bebe & gegirl (my aunt's kids)" and i said "iya sama c dania punya juga", then her face expression suddenly change, and she said "ohh c dania pun ada.... brapa lah ni semua?" so i said "tia tau tu nek". so inside my aunt's car (sa tidak ikut) my aunt told me that my grandma was sooo busy asking this and that about that stuff AGAIN! and the next day she said to me about it AGAIN, "punyalah mahal pula baju-baju dorang c bebe sama dania semalam kan.. 400+ bah", so i was like "ohhh yaka, kualiti bagus bah tu nek, lagipun c aunty ada beli tuk anak kawan dia juga" the she said "ha tuk kawan pun beli yang mahal-mahal juga ka" then after that i ignore her lah ^^

so what i know from that incident she was kinda not satisfied that my aunt help me to pay for dania's shirt and i completely have no idea why!! pedahal sa bayar balik pun and while inside the car when she asked for the total of the stuff pun my aunt did tell her that i will pay her back (just to satisfied her i guess) but still she's acting so so so weird.

Banyak lagi story dia ni but biarlah, i just wanna post here that her attitude definitely has change through out the year, and maybe because of the hormone ka? adui susah juga kan.

do you have any experience like this?

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