Saturday, October 22

No more

Yayy there's no more curly-super long-frizzy hair for me!!!

Yes! i cut my hair last Wednesday and i'm loving it. for now ^^ cause itu pun if kena blow, so i have to do it if i want it to look nicer cause there's still a lil bit of curl at the end of it. okay the picture above just showing you about hair ^^ and the fringe is kinda like mine *wink2* but her's is better la -_-
I haven't got any chance to snap my new hair, always forgot.

Just now we went to a place called Kasih Sayang (Jalan Kokol). and i am so in love with that place! it's on top of a beautiful hill. we were there just about the sunset ending but still it was a beautiful evening scenery! all the colorful light plus cool wind (macam di ranau) plus good food tapi mahal!

i didn't take any photo cause there's too many people in our table so i was kinda embarrass with our italian & english friends hehee lagipun that time dark already so using a hp camera sia-sia saja. but we'll be going there again next sunday and i will take a lovely (hopefully) pictures for me to post here and a remembrance. Can't wait! ^^

Overall this was a lovely great saturday!! ^^

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