Monday, October 31

Our weekend & Kasih Sayang

So our weekend started off with a girls party - we did manicure pedicure and girl's food (wah! adaka?) hehee , organized by my cousin Sheila then we had family dinner and also we went to Kasih Sayang again. It was fun but this time i am so damn tired ^^

Part that i loved the most is met my family member and some other friend. socializing with them, eat and enjoy every moment with them was the nicest thing.

Here's some photo i took using my wave. i didn't edit any of the scenery picture, just add watermark. it wasn't that nice, i know -_-

At Kasih Sayang the sunset that time wasn't that beautiful because of the thick cloud, so i can say that it's a waste. but during night time all the lights are pretty and the moon was on crescent shape ^.^ and the fire fly was all over the place.

I couldn't take any photo during night time because i was too busy handling lil Dania. now she is being a very terrible two! seriously her naughtiness is way over the top. any-hooo i will blog about it soon, i have to.

Have a nice weekdays ahead you guys! i hope mine will be great -_-


Isabel said...

Sounds fun! D mana tu kasih sayang?

Have a nice weekdays ahead, Anne!:)

Anne B. said...

d jalan kokol tu isabel... yg masuk simpang klinik kesihatan mengatal..

u too ^^

Deanona said...

hey there!
i've been to kasih sayang before. nice kan the place! i managed to catch the sunset too :) but we didn't stay any longer :( how i wish to catch the night view of kk city. mesti cantik tu kan? =)

Anne B. said...

hi deanona... ya nice tu tmpt. cantik bah tu kk view at night..bah next time p lg la k hehee