Monday, October 10

Sleepless night

It definitely has been a hell of a ride for me this week!!

Something has happened that really dissapointed me big time! and this time i can't accept whatever the reason is and i can't forgive about it anymore. i had enough already after all this years. this is not about this women yang accusing me k, different story lagi ni.

Anyway forget about that. my sleepless night...... me and Dania is not feeling well for the whole week. infact Dania cough has been going on for almost amonth already, which make so worried about it! but everytime we visited the doc, he told me nothing to worry about, it's just a normal cough which came from the cold weather we're having here in keningau. well i have to agree about that. but almost amonth bah! until the medicine finish still no change.

and me, i am down with fever, horrible cough and runny nose plus intense headache. wah! teruknya kan, yes it is that bad, luckily c hubby was off for 4 days so there's someone to help me abit on taking care of Dania. i think i'm sick because of the rain the other night when i was about to go home from playing badminton. it was night time and that time was very very cold plus the rain again, bijak kan sa ^^

So itulah my sleepless night, dua-dua sakit... tidur pun tia lena. then with Dania's sleep schedule which make me go crazy, sleep at 8pm then wakeup at 12am then sleep at 3am then wakeup at 11am... so between that hour she did wakeup for nenen!

Well here i would like to take a vow ^^ that i will never go and play badminton again if that time either me or Dania is having a cold flu. and i hope i can keep it up. temping bah!


CathJ said...

hope both sudah ok.. my baby pun cough almost a month... kalau nda baik juga after ambil antibiotic mau kana xray... *nangis*.... now my big boy pun demam... aduh.... berjaga lah ni sambil blog hop.. :)

Anne B. said...

adui susah nya kan cath lau anak begini sdh....itu kahak ba bikin geram,susa mau hlg....