Saturday, December 27

5 days away

Sleepover at my mum's house for 5 days that's why i didn't update my blog. its not that they don't have any internet but there's so many things to do then at the end of the day tired already to blog. so going back to my aunt's house then only i have the chance to update lorr!

First day i'm there we already making TACO!! i loovee it!! the taco mei brought it from aust and the cheese too. i did take the taco picture that i've done filling all the above stuff but my sister Myra deleted it! Ggrrrr!

Then me and mei did facial. we wore mask and eye patch mask. mei keep on complaining about her skin condition and she said my skin looks really nice and she asked me what skincare i've been using *wink* perasan me. no lah! it's just that i really want to take care my skin. so now i really rajin to take care of it and i really hope i can keep it up! chayohh!!

Then we did pedicure! they have sooo many nail enamel!!

My stinky feet hahahaa!! i chose the kinda dark brown color by revlon. i also did my mum's toe nail too well because of the deal we had agree kan. remember?

trying on some colors.

me and mei. being crazy!!

mei asked me to snap a picture of her while she pretending talking on her hp. silly!!
can you see her hp?

this is it! i really like it ohh! i want it too. color purple someore!!

Then today we went for a little shopping at Warisan Square. bought some stuff too. at first i planned on buying flip flop at Roxy but then i saw at F.O.S which is kinda similar plus cheaper!

Staying at my mum's is fun because there's my two crazy sister. we did crazy stuff. we talked crazy stuff. and if you wanna be fat or just berisi lah go and stay at my mum's for months i guaranty you'll be. because of all the food she cook and bake. my mum really rajin to do all cooking stuff. she even make me chocolate bread this morning!!yummy!! thanks mum!


I already watch Twilight!!!! yes i know i am late but whatever as long as i watched it lah. Edward Cullen is SO SO SO SO SO SO absolutely adorable handsome!!! i know i'm insane. i like the way he stare at Bella.
My sister Myra watched it for i don't know thousand times!! me?only once lah but i'm going to watch it again tonight! hehehe. i bought the dvd today for me to keep for myself. because the one i watched i borrowed it from my cousin Zizie.

I Love Twilight!!!

Alalala i'm being like a teenager again ohh!!


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