Thursday, December 18

boring again

I forgot to talk about how's my phone conversation with my dad in Philippine the other day.
Here it goes :

- it was funny.
- it was very very very totally awkward after for soo many years only that day we talked.
- it was scary.
- i am blank at all time.
- i don't know what to say or ask.
- not comfortable.

My sister the one that did the conversation with him most of the time. talked to my step-mum too. they still don't have children, don't know why. and he asked me to reply or send him a letter. then he asked me whether i want him to come to sabah for mei's wedding or not. i said yes so i guess i'll be seeing him next may 2009.
I don't know why my feeling to him is like a stranger. like talking to a stranger pula. i don't feel like talking to him at all again. don't know lah why if you ask me. very confused this.


I was tagged again. It's 8 RANDOM THING ABOUT ME.

1. I'm a very very fussy person in some way.

2. I don't like to be around people who have mood swing most of the time. (no offense)

3. I have dusun-chinese-filipino-spanish blood.

4. I love seeing guys with baju selangor hehehee.

5. I really hate people who always late and make me wait for them for hours.

6. I like to ask questions.

7. I'm a thinker.

8. If i sleep i must hug my blanket.

That's all i can think about myself. so i wanna tag Noury and Marion.

Went to my mum's house for lunch. it was fun! all the food is soo delicious and i had 3 or 4 glass of vodka mix abit with pepsi and root beer. and after for soo long i watched again hindi movie kabhi kushi kabhi gham. i never get bored watching that movie, i can watch it over and over again hee. at night we had karaoke session and it was fun! bought agnes monica album and karaoke lagi tu so we sing and sing until our throat sakit ni hahahaa!!

did i forget anything else?

Boring ohh!!

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Anonymous said...

mcm shiook pun...npa boring?? lol - belle