Sunday, December 7

the naked truth

Tag from Carmel :

A. Attached or single?

B. Best friend?
I have a few.

C. Cake or pie?
Cake. i never really like pie.

D. Day of choice?
I always like Tuesday.

E. Essential item?
My lappie.

F. Favourite color?
Now my fav color is brown.

G. Gummy bears or worms?

H. Hometown?
Keningau but stayed in kk.

I. Favourite indulgence?
Ice Cream.

J. January or July?
Both la coz got special date on that month.

K. Kids?

L. Life isn’t complete without?
Family !!!!

M. Marriage date?

N. Number of magazine subscriptions?

O. Oranges or apples?

P. Phobias?
Birds and heights. lol.

Q. Quotes?
Don't have one.

R. Reasons to smile?
To throw or forget all the negative stuff.

S. Season of choice?

T. Tag 5 people.
Nobody lah.

U. Unknown fact about me?
i've mix blood and i easily get bored about some things.

V. Vegetable?

W. Worst habit?
If i want something i want it sooner.

X. X-ray or ultrasound?

Y. Your favorite foods?
italian's food mostly.

Z. Zodiac sign?

Sheila already went back to her mum's house this evening so it's a bit quiet in this house for a couple of days.
This afternoon went to Warisan again to accompany Mei. She want to buy something for Mike because this Monday she's going to Australian for 10 days. So we end up inside Roxy & Quicksilver for almost more than 1 hours ! just to find the perfect t-shirt for her fiancee lah! very tired ohh to choose this and that and making decision of which to buy. Luckily i get something also from there just to help Mei to reach the full price so that she can be a member of Roxy. So what did i get? well a card holder lah from Quicksilver.

It's a boy's card holder so i give it to ney. why i get boy's one? because the Roxy one like only left 1 color which is green color so i rather take this one instead.
We also went to Centre Point to have lunch which is like ages already i didn't go there. funny thing was that we didn't even meet or saw anybody or anyone that we know. yes it is surprising because usually whenever we go to CP we'll always meet or saw somebody that we know but this time different pula.

Ohhh i have this picture that i want post just to show Sheila what we had for dinner tonight right after she went back home. LOL. i bet she'll be mad after saw this picture.

pizza hut !

Know what i learned today?? i know anybody who read this will laugh or giggle or say "alalaa only now she know how to do that?kesian nya...." but i don't mind also because only now i think i need and want to do it. what is it??? Screenshots lah!! prove?

i can hear you guys laughing now.....!

My uncle said there's a PC fair at Sabah Trade Centre and Sunday is the last day! i wanna go coz i want to go and look the price of the Ram there. i need to upgrade my lappie's memory.

About the nuffnang poll that i have on my blog if you kindly and care can anyone that visited my blog response to it? important to me. Thank You! and if you visit my blog which i did not linked to please leave me message in my cbox k so that i know that you visited me OK? thank you AGAIN!!

Tomorrow i'm gonna make a treats !! or should i say sweets! its a recipe from my aunt's book. so if the thing look nice and taste delicious i'll post about it and the picture too.

I have this SUPER-CRAZY-STUPID-FUNNY video that me and my cousin saw on youtube but maybe i'll post it tomorrow. i bet you'll be laughing your heads off while watching the video.

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