Sunday, December 21


I changed my layout again because i'm getting bored on my previous layout :

My current layout is it better than the above one??

i think that my right column macam not very organize kan. but let it be, as long as it still looks okay. the only thing that i'm not really okay with is the background of my posted items. it's white and macam boring. but whatever lah as long the layout changed already.

Ohh today didn't go anywhere. i want to go out but don't know where to go. my aunt and my grandma went back to keningau already. mei came in the afternoon to hangout with us then we did karaoke again. there's no internet connection since thursday or friday, i'm not sure so we're soo boring and we went crazy bored, so me and my couz curled our hair, talk nonsense, disturb people and etc. so only tonight my uncle fixed it soo yeay! now can surf internet already!

Tomorrow they planned going to Water World. not sure jadi or not. and if jadi don't know lah if i wanna swim, malas hee.

I'm very sleepy sudah it's 3.48am!! i'll be a panda not for long LOL.

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Anonymous said...

the best looking background now! :) - belle