Monday, December 8


This is the video that i want to share a laugh with you guys!! i hope you enjoy it and find it very funny.

Maybelline's newest Model !!

The first thing on my mind that pop-out besides UGLY was a Piranha's Mouth !! LOL !! this person's mouth on this video like exactly the same like piranha's mouth (wide mouth and kinda sharp teeth). Jahat oh kan ! Anyway found it on youtube. this person is a HE okay. not SHE.

I mentioned yesterday about me wanna make treats / sweets and yes i did it just now !!
This is the result :

It's called Coconut Candy !

If you asked me how was it taste?? i love it!! but cannot eat too much lah. can give you cough and sore throat. so need to drink lots of water after eat this candy.
The picture below was the recipe of the candy . and it suppose to be like that. but compare to what i did i think it's not the same LOL. in the book looks more pretty and delicious and macam fluffy. anyway atleast i did try lah.

Tomorrow we'll be going to 1Borneo again i think because my little cousin want to buy a skateboard. i was thinking getting ney a skateboard too for his upcoming b'day but see lah if confirm, ok then we planned to have lunch at Kenny Rogers!!! can't wait! teeheeee..... i miss the food bah.

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