Wednesday, December 10

tasty disaster

Me and Zizie baked muffins last night. it's very tiring!! especially our legs coz both of us do alot of standing while baking the muffins. zz slept at 2 am and me at 4.30 am already because after we baked it i online. tonight i online quite early because i know later i will pengsan on bed early coz lack of sleep lol..

The muffins taste so good but the look of the muffins is not so pretty afterall. yupp we messed up! I think let the pictures do the talking aite?

- the ingredients -

- we mixed it altogether -

- scooped it into the papercup -
( learned it from Nigella )

- the result after came out from the oven -

the we want to decorate it with this !

But when we tried on the colorful icing that we made seems that the muffins doesn't look so good so we decided use the melted chocolate for the topping.

- the final result -
( look so lame even use the chocolate. well because both of us are still a beginner in this baking thing la )

But i am not giving up making more prettier muffins or cookies or cake or whatever lah.
Macam i talk about food only kan this week. boring.

My mum told us that mei's n95 hp was stolen at KLIA i think yesterday before she depart to Aust. so now she doesn't have a hp but i bet mike will buy for her the new one. she told us that today she and mike went for wedding ring hunting and she found the perfect ring for her.
I still can't believe that she's getting married.

Ohh i'm going to buy a scarf or pashmina they called it and i wanna learn all the ways on how to wear it in style. i know.... that sabah is a hot place to wear such thing but u really look nice wear it ohh.

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