Friday, December 12

it's all about family

My aunt from sandakan came and stay here for a couple of days with her children because her husband fly off to Bogor Indonesia. so the environment of this house is going to change to full of laugh and humor again! and i like it! why? because my aunt is very funny one and we like to kacau kacau her. plus again tomorrow my couzzy Sheila is coming so imagine her going to be here with us in this house plus my aunt maybe this house will be a blast LOL. then this saturday my grandma and my another aunt from keningau are coming too. syiok nya!

Why i always said that only they come that this house will be a fun? because usually here there's more quietness and less of laughter. but it doesn't mean i don't like it lah. because there's always some kinda mood swing in this house.
So the conclusion is december or end of year mostly is my family time to meet each other. every year it is like this. and i love it.

Since i stayed here in kk i seldom *thinking* or should i say never watch any tv program that i always watch at my home. so i guess i missed alot of episode of the soap opera that i regularly watch.
i missed so many episode of :

- Friends
- The Nanny
- Jamie Oliver
- Nigella
- E!News
- Rachael Ray
- Hikmah
- Grey Anatomy
- Desperate Housewives

Yeah.. i know alot of program. sometimes i am a potato couch or tvholic lol!!! i was thinking just now about this stuff and i realized that when the time i am back at home again then i have to find new interesting tv program that i like. malas ohh.

Tomorrow we are going to CT mall with them. can't wait to find a pashmina for myself!! if got lah. and cuci cuci mata.

Yesterday i mentioned that i'm gonna sleep early right... but i din't! i slept at almost 3am already. what did i do? actually me and Didy ym-ed last night kan then suddenly we talked about this girl bah from our school. then we google her name with her husband name and pop up some website about them that we found quite shocking and interesting and funny. so i end up reading all the comments from readers about both of them. did i finish reading about her? no. so i'm gonna continue again now!!

happy me !!

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