Tuesday, December 16


Just wanna upload some photos of us the other day at 1Borneo. mesti boring la kan.

all of the pictures above is me, sheila and lala with our grandma.

We were very crazy that day at 1Borneo. all we did is taking pictures and laughing. tired ohh!

1Borneo christmas decoration is sooooooooo pretty!!! plus they did this fake snow that came out from the 3rd or 4th floor kaa not sure..... i tried to take the fake snow picture but not menjadi the picture.

And i bought a sunglasses finally i found one!! im so happy *wink* teeeheee................ the above picture is me and my cousin JC. she's very emo one. i mean she really really a big fan of emo stuff. if you guys see her pictures omg it's very funny how she tried to pose just like most of the emo girl pictures on the internet. and she's only 11! terlampau advance hehehee.

Tomorrow my mum invite all of us to her house for lunch. cant wait!! i really miss her cooking. ohh yesterday me and my mum made a deal that if i do her a manicure and pedicure she'll buy me an oven just like her!!! syiok nya....! Mei suppose to come back from Aust tomorrow but don't know what time.

Should i change my blog layout???

I feel kinda abit bored to my current layout. hehee.

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