Monday, December 29

Having fun

We were busy cleaning and rearranged at the back of my aunt's house for this Wednesday. It's New Year countdown!!! Can't wait. We're going to have barbeque with the whole family here in kk.

Went to Warisan Square again yesterday. Went to Times, Big Apple, Roxy, D&M, Charles & Keith and etc.... I think i cannot even go inside C&K anymore, all the shoes and handbag make me crazy! i want them all!! Ohh i bought something from Roxy anyway, purse :

I am sooo excited for Chinese New Year!! Now we are thinking what biscuits we are going to bake hehe!!

Tomorrow PMR result is out! My cousin Sheila sat on it. So i am very very curious 'bout her result!

To Stephenny : You have to come to my house!!! you've been postponed it so many times already!! and i have so many stuff to talk to you. i really need to talk to somebody and i know u got story to tell me too so i'll kill you if you don't show up this weekend okay! hehee!

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