Wednesday, December 3

She's 2 !!


and she's a big 2 already !!

and i love her so much !!

And happy belated birthday to Britney too LOL as if she care of my wishes kan but whatever its no harm what just to wish somebody's birthday.

Bebe..... what should i get for her this year ahh? have no idea this.

This thursday we're planning to go to beach!! we have to go there in the morning so that the sun wont be freakin hot.

In my previous entry the thing that they killed was dolphins as the email stated. me also at first thought it was a whale because big bah the size but it's a dolphin.

I've just realized that my september and october posts is not in a should-be position with my current layout. don't mind about it la k, its because of my previous layout that i used so i malas to edit it back.

I wanna go to Warisan tomorrow to get new sunglasses that i've been wanting since ever. hopefully i could go.


I've got a goosebump after watching britney performance at the X-factor show. just by watching the intro omg bulu roma meremang hehee...
I'm sooo excited about her geh !!

u SHOULD watch it ----------------> HERE!!

I really want to watch ohh her documentary on MTV but when i surf the i can't find lah the show. and i LOVE her song called Circus!! i want to download it now.

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